Thursday, April 1, 2010

No (april) Fool's Here!

I have about a million things to post about, but I never have enough time! So for now they are being stored in my mind and hopefully I will get to them soon. We've been having fun around here :)
It's April Fool's day. I'm not a big practical joker, but I remember being a kid and it was a big deal. Everyone played pranks on everyone else. My dad enjoyed fooling us quite a bit too. Sometimes he took it too far - I really believed him so he just kept on going. Eventually I learned to look at my mom with questioning eyes to see if I was being tricked. I always was.
I promise I won't fool you today ;)
It's in the 80's here and I am in heaven! I will be soaking it in as much as I can because I know it won't last. It will probably snow next week.
Bella Regali is 5 months old now and going strong! I am so thankful!!
I have been working like mad lately on custom jewelry orders It is so much fun for me though, so I'm happy! Hopefully they will keep on coming!
I've also been working on new designs like these ultra feminine vintage lace necklaces. They are so light and airy - perfect for warm weather.
What do you think??

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carissa @ lowercase letters said...

um, yes, they are perfect for warm weather and are oh so gorgeous. they'd be perfect for my mother's day present... i must tell the hubs. : ) happy 5 months! congrats!!!

Jill said...

It's warm and beautiful here too. I just look out my work window wistfully....

The lace necklaces are beautiful!!!

Stephanie said...

Those are SO pretty! I love the vintage lace look!

Stacy said...

Hello gorgeous. L-O-V-E the black vintage necklace. So stinking cute.

Did I mention that I love my watch? And that I got water in the face on the first day? How big of a moron AM I?! So it's been sitting in rice for a few days and is almost all dried out! hee hee..I'll be more careful you can bet your bottom dollar!

Artist said...

they are beautiful, just great. As being a synesthesian artist I live a life in colors. Synesthesia means that I see colors when I see words and numbers.I transform this in paintings of names and birthdays.

Sarah said...

That's Great! Thanks for sharing. I'm also having a giveaway for a super cute and trendy diaper changing pad if your interested. Come check it out

LeAnna said...

I'm so glad your business is doing so well! It would be hard pressed NOT to with your wonderful eye for design. ;) Glad you've been enjoying the weather, hope you're not so crazy busy these days. Have I ever mentioned that I wish I lived closer so you could be my hair lady? Yeah. Well. I mentioned it again. ;)

Natalie Catherine said...

pretty pretty!! and yesss i saw that you had that dress in one of your posts! no wonder i love your have great style too ..;) ;) i have to pick 5 outfits for this photoshoot coming up...any advice??? hehe.

Sabrina said...

Those necklaces are beautiful and would go perfectly with a little summer dress. Love them!

Happy 5 months!! That's exciting.

It was in the 80's where I live too. I absolutely live for warm weather. I love almost everything about the Spring. The pollen is driving me mad though.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty. I'm your newest follower from FF. Can't wait to read more, stop by my blog sometime! Happy FF!


Kelly's Lucky You said...

What a beautiful pic in your header!

I'm stopping by from Friday Follow, I hope you'll follow me back (and if you already are - thank you!)


yonca said...

I'm following you via FF.Have a great Sunday!

Q, La, and Gooner said...

I am so excited for you. It i awesome to open your own store and watch it grow!