Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The BIG 20 Week Ultrasound

So Monday was the big 20 week ultrasound. Every time we get to see our babies I am on a super high for quite a while. It is so amazing to see what God is knitting together inside me. It's still hard for me to believe I am actually pregnant with these precious twins. Talk about miracles!!
Baby A
Baby B

Everything seemed to be ok, but I got a call this morning from my doctor saying I need to go back for a repeat ultrasound. I didn't get any details except that they need to take another look at baby A's heart. I am just praying that everything is ok. I don't like getting scary calls like that. I also don't like when the ultrasound tech  takes 2 hours to do the ultrasound (not kidding) and has to bring in a few different people to look at my babies.... There is nothing more I can do than pray. I know they are in God's hands and I am trusting Him too keep them safe!

On a happy note, we found out the sexes of the babies! 
I know you all will hate me, but we are not spilling the beans yet!! Not even our families know. You'll find out soon enough ;)
Now we have to start thinking of names, shopping for the nursery, all that fun stuff. So exciting!

Lastly, here is a peek at me at 20 weeks. Fat and happy, lol!
I'm playing a guessing game with my facebook friends called "If you didn't already know, how far along would you think I am?". Risky, I know. I think I look more like 32 weeks...but I am having twins! :)
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Mrs. Mama said...

you are so tiny!! but beautiful nonetheless!! will be praying for you and your babies

McKeever said...

d have guessed 17 weeks. I think it's the angle of the pic! I am praying for your sweet babies!

Dancing Branflake said...

Congrats! I hope all goes well with the US.

BARBIE said...

You look gorgeous! I will be praying for baby A's heart. Trusting everything will turn out ok.

LeAnna said...

You look darling, girl! Hope all went well with the other U/S? Keep us posted!

Mrs. Lukie said...

My guess would be about 15 weeks--you're looking phenomenal!

Praying for Baby A's heart and that all goes well. Please keep us updated.

Alida said...

Praying that all is well with baby A's heart.

Judy@cutest-little-things said...

You look fabulous! Congratulations!!! There's nothing more exciting than the birth of a baby (or two!!)


Theresa said...

okay....i saw on facebook what you are having. CONGRATS!!! You are going to have so much fun.

I am praying for you and you babies. I know every day is a huge miracle and a huge step closer to holding them. Hang in there.

By the don't look any bigger than 18-20 weeks with ONE baby let alone TWO! You look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Fat? I don't think God sees you, the precious mother to these babies as "fat." You look sweet and glowing. Praying for babies heart to mend up perfectly!