Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Sunshine

I have not been having the best week. I've been feeling frustrated, upset, a little stressed.... plus I have been so busy working - which I realize is a good thing, but I haven't been able to spend as much quality time with my sweet ones. Hopefully we will get that time this weekend.

He's not happy I've been so busy...

They miss me :)

I am trying not to focus on the unpleasant things though. I choose to look to the bright spots in my life.
This year a goal of mine is to read through the Bible again. From cover to cover. As I was reading through Exodus I was struck by God coming to Moses again and again to talk to him. I thought, how awesome would it be to have God come to you to visit with you and talk to you; to choose you.
Then it occurred to me - He already has done all those things to me! No, He doesn't knock on my door and ask to come in and chat, but He chose me to be His child and He wants to speak to me through His word, and He wants me to talk to Him in prayer. And he wants me to listen. To be still and know he is God. And one day in heaven we will walk the streets of gold. Pretty amazing, huh?
Another bright spot is my little girl. Sometimes I just stare at her in complete awe that God saw fit to give her to us. Nothing compares to the sweet hugs, cuddles, and kisses, the excitement on her face when I walk in a room, hearing "mama" from my own baby girl! She has brought immeasurable joy into our lives after we had almost given up hope. I always wanted a large family but I almost feel greedy asking God for more babies when He has blessed us so greatly with this incredible miracle. Surely we don't deserve such a gift. I am thankful we serve a generous God.
I also am thankful to be able to work from home doing things that I love, and I am still here for my daughter. I haven't missed a thing and I love that!!
Here are a few pieces from my new line of flower jewelry and accessories.

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What are some of your bright spots?

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Jill said...

Excellent post. The brightest part of my day is when my hubby walks in from work and smiles really big when he sees me.

chelsea rebecca said...

i hope your week gets better! its never fun to be stressed!
this post is absolutely wonderful and honest! i love that you are reading through the bible again!
and you are so talented! i am loving the grey flower with the gorgeous center!

Isabella Kiss said...

i just found your blog off of ^^^^ hers and it is very cute. i like your background. and your jewelry. and your post about God choosing you- SUCH good stuff. and that your daughter is named isabella!
basically i like your whole blog :)

Jennifer said...

This was such an encouraging post!

LeAnna said...

Definitely amazing! Love that last necklace, but then again what do you make that I haven't LOVED? Can't wait to wear flowers in my hair...yippeeee!

Q, La, and Gooner said...

You are correct, you have loads of beautiful necklaces. I really like a bunch of them! Thanks for bringing your store to my life :) I'll have to ask husby which ones are his favorite! Will you hate me so much if I make your life even busier???