Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Day My Life Changed...Again

As I lay on the operating table I knew there was nothing left for me to do. It was all in God's hands now... as it had been all along. My heart was pounding, my thoughts were racing, and a constant strain of prayers were being sent up to heaven. 

Please protect my babies.

Please let them be ok.

Please please please. 

At 3:56 pm on August 21, 2011, my life changed.
 Our first son was born.  He was 2 months early but he came out crying. I don't think I ever felt such relief.  He had to be pretty healthy to let out a cry like that. Thank you Jesus!!!! 
At 3:58pm our second son came into this world; crying just like his brother! 
What a miracle! Both babies born this premature were breathing on their own and showed no signs of distress!
They were taken to the NICU where we were told they would stay for approximately a month - simply because they were so premature and they would have to master things like sucking, swallowing and breathing all at once, gaining weight, and maintaining their body temps. They had no major complications. Praise the Lord!

Welcome to the world Xander David!!

Welcome to the world Kingston Thomas!!


Brothers. 4lbs 7oz and 4lbs 3oz of perfection!

We are so happy and so thankful for our sweet tiny boys! Thank you to all who prayed for us. Our God is truly AWESOME.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Unexpected

It was a rough pregnancy - including the years it took us to conceive, the many invasive procedures, trips to the emergency room, the heartbreaking miscarriages, and the looming feeling of hopelessness that we  might not be able to have more children. 

But God is faithful and he chose to fulfill our hearts desire for more babies. 

We were elated to discover I was pregnant with twins! Through the painful OHSS, constant horrible "morning" sickness, bed rest, and pre-term labor, I rejoiced because these babies were MIRACLES. I relished every second of this pregnancy because I truly understood the value of these little lives and how I would not be able to carry these babies without God's hand of protection over us.

On August 19th I was admitted to the hospital. I was 32 weeks pregnant and in hard labor. I was given high doses of magnesium to try and slow the contractions and buy these boys a little more time inside. I was terrified when the doctor examined me and told me I was dilated, and every test performed showed that I would indeed deliver soon. 

 I was afraid for my babies lives. 

I made it this far, but it didn't seem like enough time. 

I felt like a failure. 

On Sunday, August 21, the drugs stopped working. My contractions got stronger and and were coming every minute. 
I went from enjoying a visit from my daughter in my hospital room one minute, to being rushed into surgery the next. 

I just prayed. 

Prayed for the lives of my sons. Prayed that they would defy the odds and be healthy. Prayed that I would be able to hold them very soon and look into their eyes and tell them how much I loved them.
As the surgeons began their work, my husband sat close to me holding my hand, telling me I did great and our babies would be ok.
I was fighting tears, wanting to believe him.

To be continued...
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pregnancy Recap

 Since I've been such a lousy blogger this year I have a lot to catch you up on.
Here is a recap of my pregnancy with our twins.

 We had a fabulous Gender Reveal Party and discovered we were having 2 boys!

 At this point I went into labor (which, thankfully, the doctors were able to stop) and was put on bed rest.   Here's what my days looked like.

A few days after this picture was taken my pregnancy journey came to an end. 
To be continued...
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

To Blog or Not To Blog?

Once again I have neglected my blog. Are y'all still here? Would you like to hear about all the craziness going on in my life? I keep debating whether or not to continue blogging or just journal for myself. Does anyone really care? Please pipe in if you're reading this - would love to hear your thoughts :)
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