Monday, May 9, 2011

Things are Changing

First of all I have to say that I have such sweet readers!! I have received several emails and messages from you guys just checking up on me, wondering how I am doing. Aww shucks, you really like me! :)
Those of you who are my Facebook friends get the play by play of what's happening in my life, but for my poor neglected blog friends, I suppose I owe you an update!
Mostly I have been busy growing babies :)
Here is my attempt to pull my head out of the toilet (which is mainly where you can find me these days), and document in pictures this miraculous journey.
Keep in mind I am carrying twins!!

Now for some random factoids you may or may not be interested in reading ;)

* I have been completely smitten with celery over the past few weeks. It's the only thing I ever care to eat. 

* Between 16 and 18 weeks I feel like these babies grew at warp speed and my belly must have doubled in size! (see photos 3 and 4)

* My regular jeans no longer cooperate in the buttoning department.

* I am only 6lbs away from gaining back all the weight I lost during the first trimester, and if these kids keep growing at the speed of light I will get there in no time!

* We get to find out real soon the sex of these little ones. I can't wait!!!

* I am going to try not to go months between posts again. If you just have to know what I'm up to you can find me on facebook!

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Mrs. Lukie said...

I think you look great & are developing at a normal, healthy rate :)

(I feel huge at 18 weeks compared to you at 18 weeks... ::sigh::)

Can't wait to find out what you're having!

Rachel said...

You look fabulous!!!

I'll be looking forward to your updates. :)

Natalie Catherine of said...

ahhh!! congrats!! how exciting girl! you're looking gorgeous! and excited for the updates as well!! :)

BARBIE said...

You look beautiful! Can't wait to find out what you are having!

Rachel said...

You look great!! Thanks for the update! :)

Sunflwr508 said...

Congratulations~you are adorable!!! :) Can't wait to hear the sex of those little blessings!! :)

LeAnna said...

You look so adorable! I miss keeping up with you on facebook. Jen sent me a text a few weeks ago when she read one of your statuses asking for prayer, so I would know to pray for you. You are loved, girl! Can't wait to find out what those two sweet babies will be. I'm just so thrilled for you guys. :)

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

you are by far the CUTEST prego lady i've ever seen! im so happy for you guys ♥

grace said...

Ooh - almost time to find out if the babies are boys, or girls or one of each! can't wait!
Have you ever had garden grown celery? It's so yummy. Salty. You can just eat it right after picking it, no celery or dip or anything.

You look awesome, not at all like you don't feel good.

Patricia said...

Congratulations you look gorgeous.

I am following you via the WW blog hop. Please follow me.

Sarah Howe said...

You look gorgeous!!! I am a twin, my sister just had her first! So happy for you... you are SO stinking cute! I PRAY I am your kind of pregnant!

Happy to meet you, I am your newest follower!


Stephanie said...

Congratulations!! You look amazing! Hope you get a break from the toilet sometime soon!