Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Good Morning?

Today started out like most days.
5 am my darling baby girl decides it's time to wake up.
Like every other day I get up, feed her a bottle and lay her back down. Most days she will oblige sweetly and sleep another couple hours.
This was NOT the case today.
She thought 5 am was a perfectly good time to start her day as you can see.
I gave her a look that let her know I disagree wholeheartedly.
"What's the problem Mama?" (don't you just love the bed head?!)
"Really, I'm not tired, I'm ready to get up!"
Right. So I thought I'd try laying down with her, maybe then she'd fall asleep.
She just crouched next to my head and gently patted my face saying "hi mama, hi mama."
It's a good thing she's so darn cute.
(ps: these pics were taken with my brand spankin new camera in the dark - because it's dark at 5 am. not bad, eh?)
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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I get mad at Jude when he wakes up so early, but then he kisses me and smiles at me. and you can't stay mad, can you? Who needs sleep anyway? We'll sleep after they go off to college.

linguaphile said...

That's awesome! Maybe that's the kind of motivation I need to get up early...

You didn't tell me about the new camera purchase!

grace chute said...

I love her bedhead! Isn't it great to have a snuggle with a sleepy baby :-)