Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Addiction...Help!!

I can feel it coming on again.
It always does.
In the beginning, it's fresh, new, exciting - but eventually that wears off and I get the itch.
I'm never satisfied.
I keep coming back for more.
It's an addiction.

I'm talking about hair color.

My name is Stephanie and I am addicted to hair color!

I know I just changed to red, but now I'm used to it, which means I want to change it again!
Good thing I'm a professional.  With an addiction like this, I'd be paying thousands of dollars a year to feed my habit. 
The only question is....
what color should I do next?? Help!
I've already had just about every color, so I'm not afraid to do something drastic! I once went from blonde to black. Jet black. I have no fear. Ha!

What do you think I should do next? Soon you'll be seeing my roots, so I need ideas!
 Thoughts??   :)
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Kimberly said...

how about a blonde??

Janet - AKA: Latte Lady said...

Well, I just did mine dark brown with a small hint of purple/red. Lovin it! For spring, I think I am going bleached blonde.



I follow you!

Anonymous said...

Jet black with streaks of purple :) Hmmm hard for me to say, I LOVE my natural color (med brown with natural low/hi-lites) said...

Mine is striped blonde, brown and blonde at the moment but I've been every colour you can imagine - some by accident. Dark red is always striking. Have fun ;)

Alida said...

Like Janet I just had mine done with a mahogany brown that has red in it too... I am loving it!!

grace said...

Okay, the favorite I've ever done my hair was a dark brown, so dark it was nearly black. With Morroccan Oil mixed into the color so it was super shiny. I got so many compliments on it. I wish I knew which colors she mixed to make it, but, she moved to Florida. Although she left her color book, the lady who tried to do my hair next just didn't get it right :(
I've never seen you with dark hair, so I think you should try this.

Norwegian Phoenix said...

Definitely go blonde, then again I'm just meeting you for the first time now and I'm sort of partial to blonde.

Also, until now I had no idea Kitchen Aid made their mixers in purple! I thought I had convinced myself into the white, silver or black but now I have a whole new wrench in the plans!

Stopping by to follow you from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop. I’ve really gotten into hops recently and am excited to check out some of your older posts. I’m now following you, I hope you’ll follow me back at

Bonnie said...

Moca Brown is poplar here with my hair dresser. It's a deep rich dark brown and it will definately make your brown eyes pop!

tea said...

It is so neat that you can pull off so many colors. I've never dyed my hair much, so I don't have any suggestions, but I know whatever you choose you'll look pretty.

NekiNaturals said...

I just recently shaved all my hair color cause I could not quite make up my mind. It is quite brave of you to try so many colors :) . Try something that left up to you, you never will do it. It may be the color for this season.

Katie said...

I know you are itching to change it, but I love love love the red. So pretty on you! I am sure whatever you find it will be gorgeous!

adrienzgirl said...

I love the red too! Maybe you should just add some highlights and low lights and stick with the red!! :D

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

girl, you'd look gorgeous in any color!!! you are so brave... i'm afraid to try anything new... i guess i have memories from more than a few bad experiences in high school. can't wait to see what you pick!!!

pinkstilettos said...

Your a hairdresser? So am I. What colorline do you use? I am thinking a level 5-6 chocolate cherry color with some little pieces of caramel hilites!