Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What Do You Want to Know?

I saw this idea on LeAnna's blog and thought it looked like fun.
It's Question and Answer day over at Hope Road.
To change it up around here I decided to link up and play along!
This is a post where you can ASK ME ANYTHING! (said in a cheesy game show host voice)
Ask me any question you want and in my next post I will give you the answer.

For example: After baking chocolate chip cookies do I ever let my 1 year old lick the spatula?
Heavens no! ;)
Is there anything you want to know about me? A burning question you always wanted to ask?
You can ask me anything at all, but I reserve the right to remain silent if your question is inappropriate.
It can be personal, silly, or strange. So let's have some fun! Put on your thinking caps
and be creative - or not, it's up to you. :)

Ask away!

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beka said...

How/when did you meet your husband?
Have you ever gone on a missions trip?
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Did you always want to have children someday?
What's one of your favorite books of the Bible?

Kimberly said...

I have to think of a question. Just got on to say I made your peanut butter cups! they were great!! now...hmmmm...a question! What hair products do you use on your hair? Your hair always looks nice & what is your favorite perfume??

Mrs. Lukie said...

Love this :)

You have such beautiful skin--what is your skin care regimen?

LeAnna said...

Beka snagged my first question! Curious how you and the Hubs met. So, my next question would be:

Did you always want to be a cosmetologist, or did you have other "when I grow up" aspirations?


What is something God is teaching you right now, even in the midst of pain and heartache?

Jules said...

Oh I NEVER let the little ones eat of the spatula....hehehe

Anonymous said...

Cool! Ummmmm is your hair naturally curly? How do you style it? How did you start making jewelry? I think that's all for now :)

Hilary Lane said...

If you could have any job in the world (outside of the home) regardless of the money (and of course you'd still get to spend as much time with the sweet babe as you do now) what would you do?

Chantel and Michael Magistro said...

whats your favorite book?
What's your least favorite chore?
What's your favorite chore?
What do you think about when making jewelry/crafts?
What music do you like?
What shows do you like?
How did you decide on Isabella's name?
What was your wedding/reception like?

What a fun idea! :-)

Stacy Gunderson said...

I want to know... When are you coming to visit us??!! ;-)

chelsea rebecca said...

this is way too cute!
hooray for cookie dough!!!

Christina said...

can't think of any Q to ask but must tell you i heart your daughter and hey, you look a wee bit like Shania Twain...to dat will you reply "that don't impress me much??" LOL

Kristi Stephens said...

I have no question but I'm hoping by from ifellowship - nice to meet you! [and what's the point of baking cookies if you don't lick the spatula?} ;)

Jen said...

Wow, you have LOTS of questions! :) I almost don't want to ask one, cause there are so many good ones out there already, haha.
Recently I read a quote that got me thinking, and it's really good to chew on..."What we think of God is probably the most important thing about us." If you could sum it up, what does your heart of hearts think about God? (perhaps what has the Bible retreat shown you about Him too?!)

Melissa Cornell said...

I love this idea...risky, but fun!

So heres mine...

From what i read in last posts, you weren't a public "share your feelings to the world" kinda gal...So since you started blogging, have you learned anything about yourself, or about the blogging world?

(if you're like me, you've learned you could spend ours reading...everything!..lol)

Tiffany said...

Hi Stephanie,
I just wanted to let you know that I left you an award on my blog today! Have a great day!

grace said...

My question is: Do you make an identical piece of jewelry for each one you list on Etsy because they're so pretty?

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

How do you always manage to look SO BEAUTIFUL????

Reese Ray said...

Thank you for the sweet comments! Yes, Westons first birthday was so much fun! I couldnt believe that I had a one year old either! You are so beautiful and so is your family...especially that baby girl! I love your jewelry too! very pretty. And I think you've already got enough questions now (ha!) so I'll just wait on those answers. Im a new follower :-)

Songberries said...

I'm following you, will you follow me?

Joy said...

Looks like a fun thing to do, however, I don't have any questions. I look forward to reading what you answer to all the questions asked already!

Sue said...

How about...who designed this beautiful blog of yours?
Blessings to you from iFellowship,
Sue :)

Design it Chic said...

I am now following you thanks to Welcome Wednesday and it would be nice if you could share back the love here! Also i see that you're having your navigation bar up there and i know how to make it hidden and share that with everybody on the blog! Check it out if you want to know how to do that too:) Oh and btw your baby girl is CUTE!!!!
Happy Welcome Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

I love to lick the spatula :) Especially after mixing cookie dough ! YUM
No questions to ask, but can't wait to read some of the answers to the questions that are asked !!

Victoria said...


I'm a new follower :)


rachel... said...

But do you ever let the dog lick the spatula?? ;)

Following from the Social Parade!

Liz @ Perfect Chaos said...

Stopping by from New Friend Friday at Trendy Treehouse! :) I love your creations, they are so creative and absolutely gorgeous. And your daughter is adorable!
Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

katlupe said...

Hi, I just found you on New Friend Friday. I love your photos! They are clear and seem so real. You are really good with the camera. Have a wonderful week-end with your precious family!

A Lil Story said...

Adorable blog!! How did you come up with your daughter's name? any specific reason or did you just like it? I love the name Isabella =)

I'm a new follower =)


Theresa said...

Visiting from NFF. My question is what haircut would you recommend for long curly hair that I like to blow out straight? I have had long layers for a long time and am looking for something new (still has to be long though).

Julie said...

Looks like you have lots of questions!! I was wondering if you have ever considered adoption?

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've stopped by, so I really don't have any questions. I stopped by from New Friends Friday at Girl Creative.

You're little girl was so cute, though I just had to let you know. By the way, I don't let my almost 2 year old lick the spoon either! *wink, wink*