Monday, December 13, 2010

*I Need Your Help*

Ok, kids, I need your help.
Here's the story:
I was out shopping last week and something caught my eye
My first reaction was: wow, that's ugly.
Then I saw another one sitting in the wrong spot on the wrong shelf. Hmm, it actually has a nice vintage European look too it, I thought. Maybe it's not so ugly. I left it on the shelf and continued my shopping.
Now all i could think about was that awesome ugly soap dispenser, and I had to have it. So I bought it.
When my husband saw it he asked my why I would buy something like that. I told him my theory about how it has an old world European look and doesn't it look great in our kitchen? Um no. It's just ugly, he said.
So I ask you, is this awesome or ugly?
Be honest, I can take it!
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Happy shopping, and don't forget to vote on the awesome-ugly soap dispenser!
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Sarah Takens said...

I'm going to go with Awesome. (Although the flower throws me for a loop.) Maybe you could decoupage a monogram over the square flower insert? Display it proudly!

Kimberly said...

I think its kinda pretty! I don't think its ugly :>)

Anonymous said...

Take a picture with more countertop in it and send it to me and then I'll decide.

tea said...

I think the soap dispenser looks nice with the colors you've got going on in the backgound.

Anonymous said...

ok in regards to the soap dispenser its both awesome & ugly, the flower is what makes it ugly the rest is as u described very vintage/European but i say keep it & turn it so u cant really see the flower. there problem solved & ugly gone!!!!

~Dawn~ said...

I'm not going to lie, it's not my fav. However, I see it's potential with the right decor. :)

Timothy said...

I think it's awesome, but more for a powder room than the kitchen. Wouldn't want everyone to be forced to use the ugly dispenser...

Jessica Warrick said...

its not horrible but the flower does make it look a little bad. i like it other than the flower.

grace said...

I agree, its good except for the flower. it would be really neat if you made a plain background over the flower and attached one of your flowers instead.

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

i love it; very cute!!

Stacy's Snippets said...

Ok, so I feel silly, but when I saw the picture, I thought "how pretty!". Now I know that I have no taste and that I am almost 40. :( boo to me!

Hilary Lane said...

I'm with you - I'm torn. But, I think I agree with most everyone else - it's the flower..


I don't think it looks ugly. I agree it looks old worldish, but I would put it in the boudoir or at a makeup table and use it to dispense lotion.