Friday, January 15, 2010

Random Friday

Yesterday we decided to go to Chicago. It was supposed to be above freezing, my man had the day off, and I didn't have any hair appointments scheduled; perfect! We planned to leave during Bella's nap time hoping she would sleep on the way there and therefore be able to enjoy a day in the city. She did. YAY! We didn't really have a plan. We just thought we'd find a place to park, walk around for awhile and then find a great restaurant. The walking around part was cut short due to the bitter cold wind, gotta love the windy city. So we thought we'd just find a place to eat. There is this seafood restaurant that we went to in the summer and they had this super yummy blue crab fondue served with garlic pita bread. Mmmmm. That's what we wanted. So we walked through the icy wind a few extra blocks for the sake of blue crab. We have not gone out to eat with our daughter in a few months (because she is too wiggly) so I was a little nervous. As it turned out, there was hardly anyone in the restaurant so we let Bella walk around a bit (which means she stayed happy).
She was really excited to see food. It's her favorite!

We were ready to order the minute we got there; no need to look at a menu. But alas, they no longer serve the yummy crab fondue. (Insert sad face here.) Oh well, at least we got to go out and enjoy the city. And Bella was sweet as pie the whole time :)
I've also been busy making jewelry. I noticed my inventory was getting pretty low so I spent some time designing a few new pieces. What do you think??

These 2 aren't new, but they are perfect with the new designs!

Everything is available now at Bella Regali.
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grace chute said...

mmm, that fondue sounds delicious. I'm so sorry they didn't have it - probably because you're not supposed to eat fresh crab in months that end in "er". Check back in the spring - see if they have it then :-)

LeAnna said...

How fun! My Hubs and I have been wanting to make it up to Chicago for some time now, maybe we'll get a chance this summer. I have a friend who lives in southern Illinois, and we're wanting to try to all go. I've been wanting to road trip for a while now, we usually go to Dallas,TX. But, work has been insanely busy for him, which is good, but leaves little time to galavant. Boo.

I LOVE pics #4 and #5- seriously, you have such a fun style. I made a button for my blog, that links to your shop, 'cause I love it! Now, if only I can convince hubby that I need some more jewelry... ;)

Jill said...

Glad you had a fun day and your sweet girl was in a good mood for an outing! Your jewelry is great. I wish I had your talent. Would you mind if I bought a piece for a giveaway on my blog sometime???

Catherine said...

I'm glad you were able to spend some time in the city! Bummer about the crab...but awesome about Bella being so good!

The new pieces are gorgeous. I'm super "into" black jewelry right now...and my birthday is coming up, so maybe I'll make a purchase!!

Joyeful said...

I love that zebra print piece!! Gorgeous! Your jewelry is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! I absolutely love #4! Great work, so impressed with your jewelry skills!